Day 40: Thunderbirds

About this time last year, we were all inside the house busy with various activities when we heard a terrifyingly loud, low, what we could only assume was some sort of air raid. Against my better judgment, we all raced outside to see what in the world?!

For the next hour or so, we watched jets flying from the direction of the Air Force Academy just north of us in different formations - 4 in a diamond, two side-by-side then splitting off just as they reached our house, 1 racing across the sky in a big loop back up to the Academy, and on and on.

Claire and Avery were terrified and fascinated. We spread a blanket on our driveway so we could rest between the vibrating rumbles that we sensed before we saw or even heard. Then we would leap to our feet, scream, "They're back!," and beeline it to the middle of the cul-de-sac where viewing was best.

The entire confusing, terrifying, wonderful time, I wondered, "What is this show even for?" It was the day after Memorial day, or maybe the day before, so I figured it was some sort of Memorial Day show for the year. I didn't remember it from 2013. Turns out, this happens every year for the Air Force Academy graduation, which takes place at the end of May, or near Memorial Day. Ha!

Do you realize what this means?

We get to watch this show every year! We were prepared this year. I looked up the date and time and even found out that they practice for the day or two before, so we actually got to watch a couple of shows. This video is from the actual show on Thursday, but the flying started on Tuesday. Blake is still walking around randomly whining, "Dja-et! Dja-et!"(This is 'jet' for those of you who don't speak 2-year-old.) It pretty much freaked him out. I mean, you can feel the noise IN YOUR BONES. I don't blame him for being a bit paranoid and obsessed.

So, they are called the Thunderbirds even if I do call them the Blue Angels half the time. You'll know what I'm talking about either way. I did already count 'jets' in general, but as you can tell, these sporadic jets flying around our city don't even compare to the dizzying air show referenced here.

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