Day 24: Once Upon A Child

Okay, I know this picture is kind of lame, but I just feel like a post needs a picture. I also know that every other city in the United States probably has a children's consignment store so it's not really unique to my town, but  here's the deal:

I didn't know these 'sell your kids' out-grown clothes and toys to a store for money' situations even existed until I moved here. (!)

I'm really into it.

I'm a minimalist living with 3 very NON-minimalists. The jury's still out on the 4th. I love sorting through all the toys and the clothes and the things, putting them all in a box over the course of a few weeks, and then taking them into the store to exchange for a little cash that pretty much goes right back to the store for new-to-us toys, books, clothes, and things for a much-discounted price.

In a weird way, it makes me feel like I am making money instead of just spending, spending, spending . . . .

Also, they have these punch cards for everything you buy and sell, and when you fill it, you can use it on a purchase for 20% off of your entire purchase, and I like that, too.

Do you guys do consignment stores?

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  1. I used to go to Kid To Kid here but haven't for a long time since we have plenty of hand-me-downs for Chloe and will hand her stuff down to other friends. Back in the day, though...We got a lot of great stuff there and got rid of a few things too. :)