Day 17 & 18: Colorado Children's PLUS The Art

When we learned we were moving to Colorado Springs, one of the first things we looked up was how close the oncology clinic would be to our new city. We assumed we would have to go to Denver. It turns out, they have a satellite clinic right here in the Springs, and they have been pretty fantastic.

We finished Claire's last three months of treatment at this clinic, and have continued to visit for monthly, then bi-monthly check-ups. Now, in our third year off-therapy, we visit every three months. It might not seem like a big deal that we don't have to drive to Denver when we're not in therapy anymore, but it SO is.

We have had a handful of scares in the last 2-and-a-half years. Scares where I couldn't stop the body-wracking sobs from coming even though it ended up being nothing in the end. In those hours where my mind thinks it could be something, it matters immensely that the clinic is so close.

I am so glad it's right here in my city.

And, now we visit the clinic for other therapies that have been equally fantastic.

I decided to count the clinic as two different days because the clinic itself with the nurses and doctors, the nurse practitioners and receptionists - they deserve their own day, but something else that may seem silly to others, well, it deserves it's own day because it makes me happy every time I visit.

Through the starlight foundation, they have the most incredible art hanging in the hallways. I've always loved it, but when we were there Friday waiting for Claire to finish her appointment, Blake, Avery, and I explored every single hallway. We were on a search to see all the art. It was almost like being at a museum. Only, it's way more fun for the kids because all the art is FOR kids.

This one is because Blake loves bunnies. He sees them at Mountain Song. He sees them in our yard and neighborhood. He LOVED seeing this painting. He calls them "Un-nies!" I love it and never want to forget it.

I really, really like art for kids. I am so okay integrating art made by them and for them into my own decorating because I love it.

I would be happy taking any one of these home with me and hanging it over my piano. I think they are full of life and imagination. I took a picture of all the pieces, and I'm only showing a few here. Just a few for me to remember that this is a good reason for me to like it here. We visit a couple of times a month with our other appointments, and I definitely don't get to visit any old art museum that often.

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  1. Loving Colorado Springs more and more because you're opening my eyes to all its goodness. Happy Birthday! Hope you find somewhere amazing to celebrate...maybe we'll hear more about it....