Days 27 & 28: Ute Valley Park & The Jets

I can't remember when hiking became so great for me. I don't think it was always that way, but I'm sure glad I like it now because these people:

They really like hiking. And, Ute Valley Park is the perfect place for a family hike. It's less than ten minutes in the car to a trail head, and I am sure there are lots of trails that are specific, but we always just kind of wander.

I like it when we start on the west side. It's a pretty steep hike up right away, and sometimes the kids wonder if it will be worth it, but it always is. We meander down whichever path looks the most ripe for exploring.

No matter who we run into - hikers, runners, bikers, dogs - they are always friendly. See? Someone thoughtfully picked up a lost pair of sunglasses and put them in a more visible location. That's just the way it is at Ute Valley Park. People are happy in nature.

There are lots of shouts of, "Mom! Look! Look at me!" Or "Look at this rock I found!" Or "Look! This flower is so beautiful! It's for you!"

Blake likes to throw anything and everything, so he was pretty much in heaven throwing rocks over the edge of these rocks. Also, we saw a jet! We see jets quite a lot here in the Springs because of the Air Force Academy, and we kind of love it. It gets to be it's own day even, but we got to see one while we were hiking around. Avery knows I've been on the lookout for one for this little project, so she yelled, "Mom! It's a jet! Take a picture!"

There's Pike's Peak in the background. It kind of looks fake, huh?

Every time we do a family hike here, which is almost every weekend in nice weather, I tell Dustin that I might like it here after all! Haha! Apparently, I should just spend more time in this magical forest as the girls call it.

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