Days 25 & 26: Neighbors and Cul-de-sac

One thing that didn't take me any time to love was this little cul-de-sac that we call home. I feel pretty darn lucky to live on a cul-de-sac even if it is slopey and tricky for early bike-riders.

If it weren't for the wild animals (bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, etc.), I would feel completely comfortable letting the kids play out there by themselves. We learned from our next-door neighbors to place a few bright orange traffic cones in the street so all the neighbors would be aware that kids were riding or playing out there, and it's generally been pretty fantastic.

This particular day we were out jumping in puddles because it's been raining here like mad and we might as well have fun with it.

Avery really did need that unicorn hat. It looks bright and sunny, but it was pretty cold.

The other thing I love, LOVE, is our neighbors. You can't buy good neighbors, and I didn't even think about that when we bought our house. We lucked out big time. One neighbor has 3 daughters that have all babysat our kids at different times. They literally just walk to our house. It's awesome.

Another neighbor helped us take down a 50-foot high dead tree in our backyard, and then, get this! He thanked us! He said he needed something like that to do that day.

Another neighbor offered to let us take her friendly dog over to our house any time we want during the work week. We have yet to take her up on it, but we are totally going to bring her to play one of these days.

We borrow and lend eggs and sugar and even slices of bread when needed. Back and forth. And, I teach piano lessons to one of the girls. We have memorial day cul-de-sac parties, and one of our favorite neighbors likes to play grandma to the kids. She always has special treats for them for Halloween and Easter.

The kids play on the neighbors playground whenever they want. Dustin hooks up their electronics. It goes on and on, and I know I am lucky.

It's a good place to be. 

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