Day 19: Josh & John's

Do you have a fun ice cream shop you go to with your kids? We do. We have chore charts, which are basically 'please get ready in the morning' charts, and when they are full, we go out to ice cream as a family. Josh and John's is usually our choice.

There is always a strange question to be answered as seen above. Dustin answered correctly with 'dyslexia,' and scored us a punch on our punch card.

Other people know I like this shop, and they give me birthday certificates, which we quickly spend.

Blake orders chocolate. Avery orders cookie dough or cake batter. Claire orders chocolate chip peanut butter cup and then declares that she is 'still hungry' and tries to swipe a few bites from the other two. Dustin and I normally share a banana split, but we didn't tonight. The ice cream is all made right there in the shop with fun flavors like 'malted mazel toff,' which is my favorite.

The view is pretty great.

The shop itself is pretty cute.

We all leave happy and satisfied. If you live in the Springs, you should definitely try this shop. If you have visited us here, we've taken you there. If you plan to visit, plan to enjoy some delicious ice cream.

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