Day 15 & 16: Colorado Clouds and Colorado Skies

I clearly remember missing clouds when we moved to Seattle. Really, the entire sky there is one giant gray cloud drizzling on the world below. I guess it was not so much that I missed clouds since, technically speaking, there is A cloud. ONE, large cloud. It's just not what I think of when I think 'cloud.' Here is what I think of:

Hello, Colorado! So, it can't only be the clouds I missed. I must really have wished to see the blue blue sky behind those fluffy white clouds, and generally speaking, Colorado offers the bluest of blue skies. In fact, I think most of the color to be found here, is found in that giant, saturated sky.

Then, on the same day:

Because Colorado skies are moody and vibrant and living, moving art in the most authentic way possible.

Back to it's favorite palate: azure and glowing white:

It's safe to say that the clouds and skies make it into my top ten things to love in this part of the world. Even writing about it here and going on a search with my camera has encouraged me to appreciate them as a fantastic spectacle of nature, and I have a front row seat.

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