Days 13 & 14: Drifter's Hamburgers + The Views

The girls and I tried Drifter's Hamburgers after our girls' night out tonight. Dustin told me the burgers tasted just like In-n-Out, and I'm all about that. On top of that, Claire is all about cheeseburgers, and Avery loves fries, so, in theory, it is a match made in heaven.

First things first, a bathroom stop. Definitely nothing special.

The details were weird. The building was all New Mexico ghetto, and the artwork was 'let's pretend we're at the beach!' Which. I'm all about pretending to be at the beach. I just can't blame them for that, but you tell me:

The view was pretty good. It pretty much usually is in Colorado Springs. Should that be it's own day? You know, something like, 'You can always get a good view here! Even at Panda Express! Or Costco!" (I'm not even joking about either of those locations, so yes, I'm going to add it right now as Day 14.)

This is before she sprayed hand sanitizer IN HER EYES.

This is after:

I probably shouldn't share it, but at the same time, this is my life.

This weird, NON-atmosphere restaurant makes it on the list of things to like here strictly for the burgers. If I could go to In-n-Out, it absolutely wouldn't make the cut. I like the red palm trees and non-sticky tables AND chocolate shakes at the real In-n-Out too much, but since it's over a day's drive to the real deal, this is it.

Claire wasn't worried about the differences, and she wasn't worried about Avery's stinging eyes either. She went to town on that burger and ignored Avery completely. Avery didn't even start eating til Claire had finished her cheeseburger.

Also, hello little bunny. Because, Colorado.

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