Day 4: Compassion International

Colorado Springs is home to many churches and many non-profit organizations. I have been surprised how many mom's I meet at the playground or gymnastics who are quick to share their beliefs and happy to share their religious home. At first, I found this a bit  unnerving, so it was nice to explore one of the organizations today from a perspective that I absolutely share: sponsoring children in impoverished circumstances around the world. 

Before we went, Dustin shared some pictures from his mission to Mexico of people's small homes and mismatched clothes. He told a few stories about food, or lack thereof. Then, he told them that we were going to be able to walk through some spaces that would look very much like some of these homes. We would be able to hear the stories of another child's life somewhere in the world. And, we would be able to do that right here in Colorado Springs.

Enter Compassion International, a non-profit organization that has a home here in my home city. We wore headphones and heard the story of Julian, a girl who grew up Uganda in less-than favorable circumstances. We walked through a small space that was created to look just like her home and her school. It sparked some questions and good conversation. We have been talking about ways to instill more gratitude in our kids and also an outward reach in their hearts. We can't really afford to take our kids to Uganda, and it might be a little soon to immerse them to that extent in what life can be like for another human being, but I think we found a beginning.

P.S. Random fact - Dustin did the girls' ponytails. Cool, right? Claire thought so.

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  1. So glad you guys went there! You are right, giving our kids some perspective (even if it isn't really Uganda) is so helpful and the beginning, the beginning of understanding! You guys are great parents!