Day 1: The Great Blossom Hunt

Today, we arrived at Claire’s school 10 minutes early. This is pretty much unheard of since we normally slide in 5 minutes late. Which, when did I become that person? Are you that person, too? Please, tell me you are. 

So, back to the story. Yesterday I had an epiphany, which led to us spending that gift of ten minutes on the Great Blossom Hunt of 2015. Basically, we spotted a pink blossoming tree down the street and we headed toward the loveliness passing a purple-doored home along the way. It was a lovely 15 minutes. Yes, I know we were only ten minutes early, but we really needed to be 5 minutes late since that’s protocol.

The short version of the epiphany is that after living in Colorado Springs for almost 3 years, I still don’t love it, and since this is most likely not a short stop on our life journey, well I need to love it. The epiphany is that if I find one new thing each day that I love about the Springs, well, after a year, I’ll love it. Don’t worry about the logic. Just go with it. 

I find a lot to love out my car window on the 20 minute drive to our elementary school. And, lately, it’s been the bountiful blossoms in Old Colorado City, specifically the bouncing pink blossoms on the gray gnarly tree branches. They are breathtaking, happy, hopeful, and heavy at the same time.

It’s probably not even fair to start with blossoms considering they aren’t unique to Colorado Springs, but these are lovely, aren’t they? 

1 down. 364 to go.


  1. the 2nd blossom tree photo with the light seeping through is so gorgeous!! Where is this in Old Colorado City? I have some of the same struggles with Colorado springs as you, and this spring I have been embracing every tiny little bloom that I see. It is a really different perspective, one I enjoy. Rather than noticing all I don't like (the wind) I love seeing all that I do. love your challenge. And I am so thankful we have had a nice spring

    1. Thanks, Jenni! Yes, these photos are all from Old Colorado City. Blossoms abound down there right now. If you can get over there in the next few days for a little drive and maybe even a treat at one of the little restaurants, it is well worth the viewing pleasure. :) If not this year, remember it for next year.