Day 41: It's Not Romantic But It Must Be Stated - Traffic is Not a Problem Here

The other day, I was driving home from Claire's school, and I wanted to answer a text. Every time I hit a red light, I would pull the text up on my phone to finish writing it out, and the light would immediately turn green. Sometimes this would happen before I finished typing out even ONE more word.

Well, I was annoyed until I realized what this actually meant:

Traffic is almost never a problem in the Springs.

Nice, right? When I said 'the other day' up top, I really meant 'at the beginning of the school year.' Granted, I am not driving on the freeway or any busy road really, but even when I do end up driving on busier roads to take the kids to various appointments, I feel like I can still never finish my texts between red lights, and isn't that the true determiner of whether or not your city is too congested? Can you write multiple texts while waiting at red lights, or not?

Now, not only do you know that Colorado Springs is not congested, you also know how to find out if your own city is full of traffic or not. How many texts can your write on your way home? While sitting at red lights, of course. Let me know.

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