Day 43, 44, & 45: Horseland, the Dutch Bakery, and Feeding the Geese

I feel like we are in constant conversation with locals about what to do here in the Springs. We just want to check it out for ourselves. Dustin discovered these horse stables from our dental hygienist on a Wednesday and we visited that weekend. These pictures are actually from January of last year, but they are some of my favorites of our many, many visits to what we have named, "Horseland." This name comes from a favorite Netflix show of the girls. If your kids are also obsessed with horses, check it out.

Look how to tiny Blake was!! 

So, these are horse stables on public land, so anyone can walk through and say hi to the horses. On this particular day, one of the horse owners was exercising her horse, and she offered to let my kids groom her. How amazing is that?

After walking through all the stables and saying hello to all 60 horses, this opportunity was more than a cherry on top.

We've taken visitors here several times because it is free and it's pretty fun to pet the horses and even feed them sometimes. And, almost always afterward, we visit Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery because it is amazing. I wish I had pictures, but I couldn't find any, and I definitely wanted to include this gem WITH Horseland because for us they go together. I've ordered the Napoleon and chocolate cheesecake. We've also brought home an entire loaf of banana poppyseed bread, which was really yummy. Besides the delicious baked items, they also have a small grocery section of dutch goods, which I'm totally into.

After picking up our treats, we head over to what we call 'the duck pond' even though I'm pretty sure we've only ever seen geese there. If we remember, we bring them some bread.

The picture above is from last winter, and the following two are from last summer. Sometimes we don't even take pictures, so this trifecta of activities really does make it into our weekend activity mix quite often. My favorite part is obviously the bakery, but making my kids happy usually makes me happy, so these are pretty great activities for checking that one off the list. In fact, maybe we'll do these this week for our first week of summer!

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