Day 46: Red Rocks Canyon Open Space

We love, love, love Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Something that separates it from Ute Valley Park is that the kids can do some 'scrambling' because the hiking path is carved right into rock in some places. Adults also 'scramble.' We see lots of rock climbers when we visit.

I guess also, the rocks are red instead of sandstone white, and we see horses a lot.

It's further from our house - maybe 20 minutes in the car - but it's closer to other parts of the city that we can combine into a fun day trip, like Manitou Springs, which we'll have to talk about later.

Can you tell these photos are from last January?


Basically this is a picture dump, but they are all just so good because of the scenery. In fact, it makes me want to go again. We've got to make it happen!

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