Day 42: Chef Sugar

A few weeks ago, a good friend showed up on my doorstep with this:

Pretty, isn't it? Also, it was delicious.

The flavor pictured above is lemon something or other, and it was divine. I could have listed the bakery it came from, Chef Sugar, based just on that one cupcake, but of course, I did some reconnaissance for you. ;)

Straight from gymnastics, we stopped by in person to see what else Chef Sugar had to offer. Honestly, it was a little uptight inside the shop, so I didn't take any more photos inside, but it was pretty cute with a black, pink, and sparkle theme. The shop has been open for 5 years. They specialize in wedding and party cakes, but that didn't stop me from ordering cupcakes. Buy 5, get one free.

It was kind of like being at a chocolate shop. A glass case displayed all the beautiful cupcakes. There were probably 30 flavors on display, and when I asked where the delicious lemon one was or the s'mores flavor I had heard about, guess what the answer was? 

THERE ARE OVER 80 FLAVORS!!! They rotate them. If that's not enough to keep me coming back, I don't know what is. Avery has the strawberry shortcake in her hands above.

Here's the pretty box:

And, be warned, these are all cell phone pictures, so the cupcakes might not look quite as good as they could. Below we have a key lime, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel, and two more. Haha! Can't remember. We sliced them up and shared them all at home.

We didn't eat at the shop because I didn't really feel like the kids and the mess they bring with them were as welcome, so there is that. Also, the shop is in a strip mall, and I don't know, but I'm against strip malls. They are just so . . . not charming.

I think the ideal way to enjoy these cupcakes would be to pick them up for a fun girls' night. Dustin didn't appreciate the cupcakes nearly as much as any one of my girlfriends would have, plus they are kind of pricey to buy for kids who are equally happy with a Hostess cupcake. So, if you're in the Springs, grab a dozen for a girls' night and thank me later.

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