Day 54: The Good Life - Front Porch View & Mountain Smell

Hello. Today is one of those perfect summer days of weather reprieve. It is only 66 degrees today with a slight breeze. I am sitting here on my porch swing and this is my view. I sit here a lot during the warmer weather while the kids play in all the neighbors' yards because, yes, I am that mom. See that little piece of forest between the two driveways? This morning, it was like a new discovery for all three of the kids as they traipsed around playing cheetahs, which fortunately for them, are not native to Colorado.

Every time I come out on the porch, whether to lazily swing and read a book, sit on the cement steps eating ice cream cones with the kids, or to be totally vigilant marching from the porch to the driveway to the neighbors' homes to keep track of the kids, I think how lucky I am to see this natural beauty every single day. As long as I go out on the front porch at least once during the day. Ha!

But, the real thing that inspired this post today was the fresh scent of pine. It was among the first things I noticed when we toured this house 3 years ago. It smelled like my childhood spent at family cook-outs in the mountains. With the cool weather and even cooler breeze on this middle-of-the-summer gift of a day, the aroma of pine was especially strong, and I thought, "Now, there's one for your Colorado Love List."

And, I was right.

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