Day 52: Santa's Village

Let me introduce you to Santa's Village, a small amusement park for children exactly the ages of my children. They even have a north pole that is frozen solid. It feels pretty nice to rub your hands all over it on a hot day.

I'm not normally very excited to spend the day at a theme park, but this amusement park is tucked away up in the mountain side and a nice breeze tickled our backs all day.

We also lucked out that Blake was just tall enough to ride all the rides. We last visited when Avery was about the same age and she was not nearly tall enough at the time.

The carousel is always a favorite with our kids.

Luckily, Dustin does think theme parks are fun, and he rode almost all the rides with the kids when they needed an adult to accompany them. What a fun dad, amiright?

Blake felt very big and independent riding without us, and the girls felt very big and responsible when we asked them to sit by Blake and put their arm around him to keep him safe. 

We had cousins with us, which is always the best, and we were all happy to watch Dustin wheel them around all day. Ha!

The buildings are pretty cute.

You can sit on Santa's lap if you want. You can buy Christmas ornaments. You can mail a postcard from the North Pole. You can buy a s'mores pack and roast it by the fire. It's all pretty fun.

So, Santa's Village at the North Pole. It's a pretty good find.

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