Day 64: 60 Degree Days in January

Yesterday we went hiking at Ute Valley Park. In 60 degree weather. In January. That is most definitely something to love about the place we live. Having said that, today it is 27 degrees and snowing. And earlier in the week, this.

I've got to be honest. I've never liked January. It is entirely unreasonable of me, but after the New Year, I pretty much feel like winter should be over. After all, isn't the solstice, and hence Christmas, a celebration of the returning of light? I have limped through this first month of 2016 pathetically and moodily. You would think I would recognize the pattern, but most every January, I start telling Dustin we really should move somewhere warmer. This prompted my return to looking for things to love about living here.

Let's see what there is to love about the Springs in the winter, shall we?! What do you love about winter? Christmas doesn't count.

P.S. I kind of love that picture at the top that Dustin caught of us digging mud out of our shoes with sticks. Ha! Even though the temperature was fine for hiking, I guess it wasn't all smooth sailing. 

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  1. I am with you. In fact I haven't blogged because I keep thinking my anti-January post was just the other day instead of a month ago. :P Things I love about winter.....My drink stays cold in the car. That's about it. Of course I'm cold and moody right now. Bring on the warm!