A Year in Words and Photos: Unicorns and Snow Angels

A little report on our favorite February activity this year:


Snow fell softly all night long, deceiving those of us who thought driving in it would be peaceful. Despite the blizzardy drive home Wednesday night, by morning, the world did indeed look peaceful – enveloped in a cocoon of white fluff. 

Our opportunity to go sledding was finally upon us. Luckily, I had purchased the bright pink and purple snowsuits from the local thrift store only a week before with sledding on my mind. And, even more luckily, Dustin had thought to spend Christmas gift money on two shiny new sledding disks weeks ahead of time. Thank you, Great-grandma Bluhm!

Outfitted in almost all the proper snow gear, we crunched out onto the fresh expanse of powdery snow. Because of the wind chill, I predicted the girls would last 20 minutes at the most. But, after trudging to the top of the park hill to glide down again and again, an hour-and-a-half later we had our first tears from cold fingers. Apparently we need more appropriate gloves or mittens if we want to last any longer, but the snow suits and the snow boots the girls had already been wearing as regular footwear for months definitely made for a more enjoyable snow experience.  

Unicorn hats, silly grins, thrilling speed, whispery snow angels and a mound of a snowman thrown in for good measure, at last we succumbed to the cold and headed home for hot chocolate in our newly-acquired unicorn mugs.

And to think that last February we were here.


  1. we are jealous of the snow. we never took the boys sledding. the girls are so cute in those hats and puffy clothes. love it.

  2. I love the pictures - it looks like a fun outing. :)

  3. do they still wearing these wintercoats or are they grown out of it?