A Lemonade Day

I spent a lemonade day at Cannon Beach last February.

Avery was there with her soft, fluffy curls.

Claire was there with her short, silky locks.

Dustin was there – the only one with properly combed hair.

The sandy beach stretched before us, its blank canvas calling to us just like a clean magna-doodle cries out for Claire and Avery to scribble. We each ventured forward to make our mark. Dustin led out with a steady stride. He left an accurate map to follow with his evenly weighted footprints. 

Claire swept lightly across the matted sand leaving paintbrush-like strokes in her dancing shadow. 

Avery explored on tiptoe with a staccato rhythm close behind. Up, down, up, down. Her fluffy hair bounced and waved, glowing in the light. Her footprints were more like miniature hoof prints spaced only inches apart. I was last in the trickling line. I drank in the sweetness slowly. I paced myself so I could savor each second, tasting each part of the eternally unique afternoon recipe, which was this:

Add one bright sun to a clear breeze. Blend smoothly with the open sky, bright colors, and fuzzy curls into a flawlessly flavored lemonade day. 

For anyone else wishing they could see the ocean today. Cheers!


  1. Yes! I wish I were on a beach. My absolute favorite memories with my little family happened on beaches. Sadly Little Miss C wasn't part of our family yet. Hoping to make some more beach family memories very soon. Hooray for lemonade!

  2. Beautiful words... beautiful pictures... beautiful family! Love you so much!!

  3. Definitely needing the beach today. Or a foot of snow can work???
    The kids keep talking about the fun time at your house. Thanks for great food, conversation, and fun. We need to get together again soon. You guys are truly great.

    1. My girls keep asking why they can't play with Marianne and Lydia! :) In fact, Claire told me she wants to move back to 'Colorado Springs' - they think that's the name of the house over there. I asked her why and she said so she can play with Marianne! We had a fabulous time with you guys as well. Next time, we'll try for a Saturday so you can come earlier and 'swim' in the hot tub. The kids would love it.