Who I Am

Avery and Dustin at Discovery Park, Seattle June 2011. Proof that Dustin does actually 
encourage us. Also, proof that Dustin looks good in five-finger shoes.

“You should start a blog called “BE the mom,” Dustin tells me as we drive to REI.

“I should,” I say feeling flattered that Dustin might actually think I could write a blog after all. This could be my big idea, my passion, and my purpose in life. I could be a blogger that writes about taking charge of your home and your child. Be the mom. What a great idea!

“And, then don’t write anything,” and for once, Dustin snickers before he even finishes his punch line.

He’s probably a bit nervous I’m sure. It’s definitely a risky move - encouraging me to quit before I begin. Probably so I can avoid yet another “quitting” story. I should be offended, but the truth is so funny my laughter spills out. My laughter is loud and easy. Relief floods through me, and I can tell by the increased volume of Dustin’s laugh, that he, too, is relieved that I’m laughing. So I laugh some more. It feels so good. Here I am with the person I love most in the world, who loves me most in the world, and we both know who I am.

Hi. I’m Sally Bluhm, and I’m a quitter.

P.S. Join me tomorrow for a new column, Lessons from a Quitter. See you then! (If my blog’s still around, that is. J)


  1. You do not come across as a quitter, but I have heard some of your stories and I am started to believe that you are an "expert" quitter!

  2. I love how you do jump on things. Maybe you don't stick with the same plan forever, but no one could accuse you of not trying. You have so many great goals and aspirations. I would not call you a quitter, more of an experimenter, goal setter type. A starter per say.

    1. Amber! Hi! I miss you. You don't even know! :) I like that. I'll call myself an experimenter instead. A starter, not a finisher, necessarily. I'm SO glad to hear from you on this little blog. SO glad. Let's talk soon! Love you guys.

  3. Well, I just love your blog and getting to know you through it. I logged on to read it after you were spotlighted in our Relief Society newsletter. You seem smart and funny and wise and quite charming. Hope you don't "quit" this, though I think we all have fits and starts in life. Glad you are feeling less green around the gills with your pregnancy. Keep the wise, witty posts coming.