Day 56 - 63: September is Reason Enough

September anywhere is probably amazing, but September in Colorado is amazing enough to warrant 30 spots on my Colorado Love list for all the days inside of it. The landscape is a feast for the eyes, and the air gives the same refreshing feeling as drinking a glass of lemonade on a hot day. Sunflowers line the streets. Actually, entire fields of wild sunflowers bloom in surprise pockets throughout the city. Most of the leaves are still green, because technically it's not fall yet, and Colorado just really understands that.

Without further ado, here are a few reasons to love Colorado Springs in September:

1. Wild Sunflowers
2. Cool, crisp mornings warming to 75 degree days
3. Bluest skies of the year
4. The sprinkling of glowing gold trees that hint at a beautiful fall to come
5. Fresh new school year begins
6. Purple Russian sage bushes dotting the city
7. The deer grazing in our neighborhood in the cool morning
8. The clear mountain air positively caresses your skin. Not too hot, not too cold. With a slight breeze.

I could live in a Colorado September for eternity.